Electric Car Charging Points

The global electric vehicle industry is growing at an exponential rate. 2018 saw a 63 percent increase year on year on the number of electric vehicles sold, so the rate at which EV charging points are made available needs to keep up as well.

Thankfully a huge effort is being made across the world to facilitate this growth to ensure those who own an electric vehicles have many away-from-home recharge options.

UK supermarkets in particular are investing heavily including Tesco who have partnered with Volkswagen to install 2,500 charging locations across 600 stores. Other well-known supermarkets are also expanding their offerings such as ASDA, Sainbury's and Morrisons as well. This means those who own an electric vehicle can comfortably plan long distance trips in the knowledge that topping up during the journey will not be a topic of concern.

Above we have a tool to help you find local electric vehicle charging stations in your area. The data is made available by OpenChargeMap, a non-commercial, non-profit service hosted and supported by a community of businesses, charities and developers around the world.